A month-long no-stress hackathon. Share what you're working on, get free 👍's.

Octobuild is a month-long hackathon, now in it’s third year. You have from October 1st to the 31st to work on your project. Your name and your project are displayed on the website here, and we’ll send you weekly updates and reminders. We also have a slack group, where you can ask for help and meet new friends, and this year there will be a prize for the coolest finished entry.

Think of it like a long hackathon, virtual and remote, with no pressure or staying up late. It’s all about letting other makers know what you’re working on - so that you can see, share, collaborate, and be inspired.

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If you want to read more

The idea is that you choose a project you want to work on, and you do it in October. That’s it. Huge passion projects, random stuff from work, fiddle projects from Saturday afternoons, non-code projects that have a home online, or that chapter of the book you’ve been writing for years.

If you want to work with others, that’s awesome. We can connect you with other participants, or you can bring your own team. It’s up to you!

Just saying you’re working on a project and telling others, we’ve found, is monumentally helpful towards getting it done. There is actually a named phenomenon for this, called the Hawthorne effect. So tell us what you’re working on. This is just for October - like NaNoWriMo, having a timeline helps. Unlike that, no one is keeping score, and finishing is optional.

During the Octobuild season, we check up with you to ask how you’ve done, and post a list of finished projects or work done. We also send out weekly reminders to work on your project.


Idea by Richard Littauer and Simon Vansintjan. Logo by Beth Howlett. The code is on this repo. PR’s encouraged!

Disclaimer: Octobuild is in no way affiliated with GitHub’s Octocat, although this is hosted on GitHub Pages and we think GitHub is awesome.